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8 Mar, 2013

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Welcome to the CNC Cutting House

(where we 'burn' our mistakes)

Welcome to the Home Page
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News & Updates:

(26 Jan, 2013)
We are up and running with new (to us) hardware!!

The old Compaq PC was giving us trouble with frequent lock-ups. We were never able to isolate the cause, we gave up and installed another 'previously owned' one....

Yup, we believe in recycling when we can!!

We are gonna have to step-up to the Smooth stepper one of these days....
CPU 3.4MHz Pentium-IV
Storage 40GB & 80GB
OS Windows XP Pro SP3
Pendant ShuttlePro V2
Pendant ShuttlePro V2

(31 Dec, 2012)
Happy 2013 everyone!

I would first like to say thanks for all the help so many offered while I was in the 'build & learn' phases of this endevour. You just never stop learning.

I love hearing back from everyone. Happy New Year!

(21 June 2012)
Started the actual build of the CNC machine. To check out the build log, go to Projects. The whole litany is there.

Things that are still broken:
  • various pages on the website - we'll get there
  • yada yada
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